General Classroom Modifications

Add carpeting, area rugs or drapes to the classroom.

If you don't have carpeting, attach tennis balls to the bottom of chair legs to stop chairs from scraping on the floor (cut a 1" X on the balls and pop it onto each chair leg).

Focus on reducing background noise as much as possible (i.e., loudly ticking clocks, air conditioning units, open door to hallway, noise from open windows, etc.).

Add other noise absorbing materials such a cork board to the walls.

Consider background noise when choosing the child's seating placement.

Use fully lighted classrooms.

Make sure videos are captioned.

Arrange student's schedule so that academic subjects are taught in the morning.

Provide written school announcements.

Provide in-service training for regular classroom teachers about hearing loss.

Provide FM system (free field systems/extension for hearing aids).

Choose sensitive and inclusive instructors who exhibit superior classroom management skills.

Strategically situate classrooms away from noise, i.e. adjacent traffic, road construction, playgrounds, cafeterias, music/band room, gymnasium.






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