Helpful Hints in the Classroom

encourage and promote amplification of hearing
(hearing aids, auditory trainers, FM systems)

enhance lipreading opportunities

focus on familiarity of topic

eliminate or reduce the sources of noise

reduce reverberation

reduce the distance from the speaker

speak directly to the student, never behind or over the shoulder

address the student directly

many words and sounds look the same on the lips; do not repeat a single word over and over again if the student does not understand; use another word or phrase to express the same thought get the persons attention before you speak

try to speak to the student from a position which allows for adequate light to fall upon your face; shadows make lip movements difficult to see; don't exaggerate lip patterns

let the student find the best place in the room for him/her to sit

repeat what other students say, especially questions that they ask

check the child's aids to make sure they are working

be aware of acoustic conditions, especially noise interference; allow the child time to respond

the deaf/hard of hearing child cannot be expected to listen for long periods of time

develop good contacts with the families (such as via a home/school notebook) so that there is a carry-over of language experience hands-on, experiential learning is most effective

small-group discussion work enables participation

assign a hearing buddy for the student when appropriate

write assignments on the board; familiarize yourself with the child's assistive listening device

expect behavior and achievement levels which are similar to that of your other students

remember that two people with almost identical hearing losses may function very differently; each is an individual; seek help from other professionals or agencies whenever you have a question or problem



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