This is a list of other links that may be of interest to you.  They are not affiliated with BEGINNINGS in anyway, and we cannot be held responsible for their content or claims.  If you are a nonprofit agency dealing with hearing loss and would like your website listed here, please e-mail us with your URL along with a brief description of your agency's services.

The Alexander Graham Bell Association

American Academy of Audiology

American Society for Deaf Children

The Arc of NC

Auditory-Verbal International

Better Hearing Institute Home Page

Captioned Media Program / National Association of the Deaf

Clarion- Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implant Association, Inc.

The Deaf Education Option Web

Deaf World Web

Early Childhood LINK

Exceptional Children's Assistance Center

ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education

Family Support Network of North Carolina

Focus On Hearing

Gallaudet University

The Hanen Centre

Hard of Hearing Kids. com

Harris Communications

IDEA Training Package

Internet Resources for Special Children

The John Tracy Clinic

Kidlfyx Kreations

Language Matters Inc., Cued Language & Signed Language Materials, & Spoken Language Products and Service

League for the Hard of Hearing(link and resource list)

Listen Up Web resource list

MED-EL Corporation -- Cochlear Implants

My Baby's Hearing

National Association of the Deaf

National Cued Speech Association

National Information Center for Children and Youths with Disabilities.

NC Dept. of Public Instruction - Exceptional Children

NC Office of Education Services: Early Intervention Program

NIDCD Information Clearing House

NIDCD Resource List

Nucleus -- Cochlear Implants

Raising Deaf Kids

Searchwave - The Search Engine for Audiology, Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids, and the Ear.


United TTY Sales and Service

US Department of Education Homepage

Virtual Tour of the Ear

Where Do We Go From Hear